According to a study from’s 2021 Estate Planning and Wills Survey, only 44% of adults 55 years and older have created their estate planning documents. The truth is, no matter your age, no one knows exactly what tomorrow will bring. Making these decisions now can help you and your family down the line.

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Why Estate Planning Is Important

Regardless of your age or health, it’s important to have an estate plan. The future is uncertain, and the unfortunate truth is that we don’t know what illnesses we will face down the line or what might happen to us.

It’s essential to be prepared for as many eventualities as possible by setting your wishes down in writing – and making sure that they are legally enforceable. Your family and others important to you will thank you for making these decisions and attending to these details.

Important Documents To Have

There are several important documents that should be part of your estate plan, including your will, trust, powers of attorney, and healthcare directive.


A will is a document that allows you to leave your property after you have died to people or organizations, name a personal representative to make sure your wishes are fulfilled, name a personal guardian to care for your minor children, name someone to manage the property you leave to them, and other matters important to you.


A trust is created while you are alive and gives you greater control over your estate. It allows you to leave property to whomever you choose, and the process normally does not involve probating your estate in probate court before a judge or referee. Probate court can be expensive and time-consuming, and it’s wise to avoid it when possible.

With a trust, you appoint a trustee or trustees and you can name successor trustees to handle the trust after your death. The trust's trustee or trustees are authorized to transfer ownership and interests in your assets to the beneficiaries you named.

Powers of Attorney

There are financial, healthcare, and other types of powers of attorney. With a legal financial powers of attorney document, you can choose someone who you trust and who is responsible, honest, and diligent to act on your behalf and manage your finances and assets – ranging from your bills to your investment decisions. You can also create a durable power of attorney, which means it stays in place if you become incompetent or incapacitated.

Healthcare Directive

An advance healthcare directive empowers you to inform your family members and medical professionals about what kind of care you want to receive in certain health situations. Please feel free to consult with us to learn more about which documents you will need in Minnesota to make sure your wishes will be respected if you were to become incapacitated in any way.

How Your Attorney Can Help

The decisions you make when you establish your will, trust, powers of attorney, and healthcare directive are extremely important for you and your family. A knowledgeable estate planning attorney can help you understand the options, nuances, and consequences that may surround these decisions.

Finding the Right Solution For Your Needs

It doesn’t matter if your life circumstances are simple or complex – regardless of your situation, an attorney can help you answer critical questions about your estate.

If you think that someone may contest your will, or if you do not want to leave any of your estate to your spouse, then it’s vital to consult with an attorney.

Drafting Enforceable Documentation

You want to be confident that your wishes will be respected. An estate planning attorney will make sure that all of the provisions you include are legally enforceable when it comes to the distribution of your estate or to your wishes in certain health situations.


No matter your current age or health status, you can make decisions for the future right now. By establishing your wishes in advance, you can save your family the burden of making these decisions for you later. We at Engel Professional Association have the knowledge and insight to guide you through these crucial documents. We’re proud to serve clients in Minneapolis, St. Paul, and across Minnesota, including Mankato, Maple Grove, St. Cloud, and Woodbury. Set up a consultation with us today.