At Engel Professional Association, we understand that the growth of local businesses is the lifeblood of our Minneapolis community. It is the entrepreneurial spirit and the success of these enterprises that fuel our local economy, create jobs, and foster a vibrant society. With this in mind, we offer our legal expertise to not only protect but to empower your business.  

Whether you're navigating complex transactions, contracts or regulatory compliance, our experienced business transaction attorneys are here to ensure that your legal foundation is as solid as your ambition. Let us be the strategic partners you need to thrive in an ever-changing world. 

Matters We Assist With 

Below is a comprehensive overview of the most common and significant types of business transactions that lawyers can assist with: 

  • Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A): Our business lawyer can play a vital role in conducting due diligence, negotiating terms, drafting transaction documents, and guiding companies through the integration or separation process. 

  • Formations: We help businesses select the best legal entity and prepare governing documents to protect owners, management, and stakeholders. 

  • Asset Purchases: Our attorney can help you identify and allocate risks while structuring asset purchase agreements that match your specific needs. 

  • Contract Drafting and Negotiations: We craft clear, concise, and enforceable contracts, including service agreements, lease agreements, and licensing contracts, enabling businesses to understand their legal obligations and rights. 

  • Corporate Governance: We assist firms in maintaining compliance with corporate governance standards and regulations, helping draft policies, ensuring board procedures are followed, and advising on directors' and officers' duties. 

  • Intellectual Property (IP) Transactions: We'll provide guidance on the acquisition, licensing, and protection of intellectual property, securing and leveraging IP rights effectively. 

  • Financing and Securities: We offer advice on structuring deals, ensure compliance with securities laws, and aid in negotiating with investors or venture capitalists for businesses looking to raise capital. 

  • Real Estate Transactions: Our attorney is here to help your company navigate the purchase, sale, or lease of commercial property, overseeing negotiations, due diligence, and resolving zoning or environmental issues. 

Each transaction type carries its unique set of complexities, and seeking legal counsel helps businesses to not only mitigate risks, but to also forge pathways for growth and stability. 

Invest in What Matters


What to Ask Your Business Lawyer 

When seeking a business lawyer, it is essential to work with someone who understands your company's unique goals and challenges. Here are some essential questions to ask when gauging whether your attorney is a good fit:  

  • What is your experience in handling business transactions similar to mine? 

  • How do you structure your fees, and can you provide a detailed estimate of costs for my transaction? 

  • Can you walk me through the typical timeline for a transaction like mine? 

  • How do you foresee any potential legal issues that could affect my business transaction? 

  • What strategies do you employ to minimize risk and ensure a successful transaction? 

  • Can you provide references from past clients who have engaged in similar transactions? 

  • How will you communicate with me throughout the transaction process? 

  • What documentation will you need from me to get started? 

  • Who else in your firm will be working on my case, and what are their qualifications? 

  • How do you handle conflicts of interest that may arise during the transaction? 

At Engel Professional Association, we pride ourselves on tailoring our services to meet the specific needs of each client. We also understand that businesses have limited resources, and legal costs must be carefully managed. That's why we offer cost-effective solutions and aim to build long-term relationships with the businesses we serve. Let us help take your business to new heights. Contact us today for a consultation.  

The Importance of Tailored Counsel 

Customized legal advice is the cornerstone of successful business transactions. A tailored approach ensures that the counsel provided aligns precisely with the unique attributes of your business, industry norms, and the specific objectives of each transaction.  

At Engel Professional Association, we believe in working intimately with our clients to understand their business model, market position, and future aspirations. This depth of understanding empowers us to offer actionable, individualized legal solutions that not only safeguard your venture but also facilitate strategic growth and adaptability in the face of an evolving legal landscape. Whether mitigating risks in complex deals or navigating the intricacies of IP law, legal counsel is invaluable in securing your business's longevity and prosperity.

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